About the Finest Local Guitar Instructor

Established in 2001, Lynda McManus Piano Co Dublin is a professional music school situated in Dublin, CA but catering to the needs of students from the entire region. We provide professional instruction in piano, voice, guitar, songwriting, and videography. In addition to our private and group classes, we have created a community group chorus with kids coming from the entire Tri-valley area. Are you looking for a qualified music instructor? You have found it!

Guitar Instructor

About Lynda – Our Leading Music Instructor

Lynda McManus, our piano teacher, holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Music/Piano Performance. In addition to her three decades of experience as a private piano teacher, she has been an active pianist performing as a recitalist, accompanist, chamber musician, and choral director. As a renowned instructor, she has taught children and adults in Dublin, CA since 1980. Many of her students have won awards and have become professional composers and musicians.

The TeamĀ 

Our team comprises expert instructors who love their job. They are all professionals who hold multiple awards and work full-time as teaching assistants at our school in Dublin, CA. Each guitar instructor and professional at Lynda McManus Piano Co Dublin has talent and love music to share with their pupils, endearing them to the beauty and joy of music and music-making.

Discover more about your local guitar instructor by calling us at (925) 202-0050. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Services List

  • Guitar Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Piano Lessons
  • Cello Lessons
  • Voice Lessons
  • Music Theory Classes
  • Preschool Group Classes
  • Piano Sales
  • Piano Rentals
  • Teen Pop and Rock Groups
  • Online Classes