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Work With a Dedicated Music Instructor

When a child’s school already offers music as part of the curriculum, some may wonder why they should pay for a private music instructor. Are there any benefits of taking private lessons? While music classes impact your children’s development, private lessons offer much more than the school program. Lynda McManus Piano Co Dublin is a dependable instructor that can help your child improve their skills and knowledge while becoming a better overall performer. Learn what we can do for clients in Dublin, CA below.

The Services

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons
Unlike a class setting, the private guitar lesson provides no way to escape accountability. Our guitar instruction will teach you discipline and build a strong work ethic and character traits necessary for a successful career. We have classes for both children and adults. 

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons
In the regular music school, teachers teach from a specific curriculum. Here, at Lynda McManus Piano Co Dublin, your kids have an opportunity to pursue their musical tastes. They will enjoy their music and naturally be more motivated. Want to find out more about our piano teacher? Aside from her 30 years of experience, she has earned multiple awards. 

Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons
Want to sing with ease and clarity? The singing lessons will help you, as a singer, find a style, discover performance techniques, articulation, delivery, and focus. You will increase your vocal range, sing with ease and learn to project your voice correctly. 

Music Theory Classes

Music Theory Classes
Our theory class specialists - Lynda McManus and Joel Tepper - help prepare students for CM exams. They have over 25 years of experience teaching subjects, including keys, scales, intervals, modes, chords, sonata form, secondary dominants, cadences, etc.

Piano Sales & Rentals

Piano Sales & Rentals
Throughout the years, we have helped many families and individuals purchase pianos, ensuring, first and foremost, quality and affordability. When a family cannot afford to buy a piano, we offer assistance with affordable rental equipment. Want to see what we have in stock? Contact us right away. 

Other Services

In addition to all the lessons and classes, we provide singing lessons, preschool & adult group classes, keyboard lessons, clarinet lessons, cello lessons, and more. Want to find out more about a specific class? Please feel free to contact us! We have formed teen pop and rock groups as well!

Why Turn to Lynda McManus Piano Co Dublin

Lynda McManus Piano Co Dublin is a locally-owned and operated company with a long-standing reputation as one of the most professional music schools in Dublin, CA. We offer our students instruction in piano, guitar, voice, videography, and songwriting. In addition to private and group instruction, we have created a children’s community group chorus that fosters a musical outreach in the entire region. We now offer music instruction online. What better time than now to begin voice or piano lessons in the safety of your own home! Call us to learn more.

The Process

When you are ready to work with a private piano teacher, be sure to contact us. We work by appointment. We take classes in our facility and offer assistance online, especially now with the COVID pandemic. We cater to the needs of people from all walks of life. We have beginners as well as advanced performers. We love children and have kid’s groups. All classes will combine lectures with hands-on instruction to address the needs of each individual. There will be practice tests too. Weekly homework and assignments are reviewed in class, along with lesson plans and handouts.

Want to find out more about your local guitar instructor? Or maybe, are you interested in finding out more about our rental equipment offers? Contact Lynda McManus Piano Co Dublin in Dublin, CA today. We will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Client’s Testimonial

by Elizabeth W. Taylor on Lynda McManus Piano Co Dublin

I have worked with this piano teacher for nearly 5-years. She really knows the piano and is a great instructor. I would recommend her and her school to you and your families! 

My experience with piano lessons was exceptional! From the moment I began my lessons, I knew I had made the right choice. The instructor was patient, knowledgeable, and made the learning process fun and engaging. I am beyond grateful for the skills I have acquired and can now confidently play beautiful melodies on the piano. If you're looking for an extraordinary music lesson experience, look no further than this company!
The music instructor at this business is simply amazing. She is so talented and truly cares about her students' progress. I look forward to each lesson.
Matthew M. Fairbanks
Matthew M. Fairbanks
The music instructor at this business is truly talented and dedicated. She goes above and beyond to ensure her students are comfortable and confident in their abilities.
benjamin omary
benjamin omary
We had a blast at our music lesson. Our instructor showed us how to play all kinds of instruments, gave us tips for learning new songs quickly and offered lots of encouragement throughout the session. It was truly an enjoyable experience!
Deborah Crum
Deborah Crum
This music instructor is amazing! I have been learning with them for several months and I have improved significantly. The instructor is really understanding and supportive, and they consistently provide great advice. I would highly recommend this instructor to anyone interested in learning music.
Thomas Amorim
Thomas Amorim
This music instructor from this business and it was an outstanding experience. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and had a great ability to help me learn the material quickly and effectively. He tailored the lessons to my needs and was always available to answer any questions I had. Highly recommended
Alexander Belcher
Alexander Belcher
I had a great experience with the music instructor at this business. He was knowledgeable, patient, and fun! He was always willing to answer my questions and helped me to learn new songs. Highly recommend!
الدرديري العاتي
الدرديري العاتي
I have been taking piano lessons from Lynda McManus at the Lynda McManus Piano Co in Dublin, CA and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Lynda is an exceptional music instructor who is incredibly knowledgeable and talented. She has a great ability to break down complex concepts into manageable pieces, making the learning process fun and enjoyable. I appreciate her patience, encouragement, and the personalized attention she gives to each of her students. The lessons are challenging but rewarding, and I feel like I am making progress every week. I would highly recommend Lynda to anyone in the area who is looking for a skilled and experienced music instructor. She is truly a gem and has a passion for music that shines through in every lesson. If you're looking to improve your piano skills, Lynda McManus is the instructor for you!

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